About Me

Written by Jennifer Fichter

Jennifer Fichter, L.M.T. #14236


I am Jennifer Fichter: a mother of three, a vegan, and a practicing massage therapist for three years. In 1993 I was in a car accident and, as a result, received massage therapy treatment three times per week. I had never experienced the therapeutic effects of massage — I was both astounded and inspired by the impact it had on my healing process.

I began to feel a desire to deepen my understanding of this type of healing. At that time, when I would receive massages from my therapist I would study the techniques so I could begin to learn them.

My desire to study massage remained just a desire for a long time. I was a stay at home mom and was unable to go to school. When I finally had arranged my life to allow me to attend school I felt intimidated and fearful of failure. However, my passion and determination drove me on and I found myself graduating in my desired field within a year’s time of beginning. I was immensely pleased with the example I allowed myself to set for my daughters.

I graduated at the top of my class from Everest College, with specific focuses in the Spa and Aromatherapy programs. As my practice has grown I’ve discovered a particular passion for treatment work and massage that releases emotional build up from the body, as this increases peacefulness and grounding in my clients. Also, my family has benefited from my choice to adopt a career in massage. My three kids love getting massage and, as a result, are beginning to adopt practices of self-care and self-love.

My approach to healing is a holistic one; I believe that the mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic input we receive in our lives impacts our wellbeing as much as the physical input we receive. I am working to build a community of healers from various backgrounds to whom I can refer my clients if ever their therapy requires treatment that is beyond my scope. Some of these other healers are listed on the page titled Affiliations here on this website.